My mom and dad went all the way to Copenhagen just for me. only to bring me back to Stockholm and now I am part of the family. It was a scary time in the beginning but eventually I realised this is my true home where I will stay for the rest of my life..

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Mom! Dad! What breed is that funny looking dog over there? It smells funny too.

I am a superfast Italian Sighthound. You will have a hard time catching me unless I want you to. I just love running on the open fields, just around the corner from where I live and I always give my siblings a good match. To be able to race like that I need to sleep, therefore a good nights sleep under mom and dads cover is always a priority for me. When the rest of my family spend time at DogShows, I join in only to keep an extra eye on things and charm people close by.

Sometimes I can be quite determind and mischievous. For example, to get hold of my siblins bone, I trick them into thinking there is someone outside the house so they run outside to guard the house. Meanwhile, I sneak away to steal their bone. I have even tricket mom and dad by luring them away from the kitchen to get hold of their dinner. Of course I know this is wrong, but it doesnt count if no one sees me.If I were a human I would definitely be a proffesional runner among the elite.