I was the cutest puppy in the whole world so mom and dad decided to have me as well as my brother Picasso. the perfect match for all of us. my brother and I have each other during daytime and mom and dad have twise as much love in their lifes.

I enjoy snow but definitely prefer getting sand between my paw pads.

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My name is Pandora and I’m a Terrier Brasileiro. I charm everyone who comes across my pathway. Humans just love my cute face and they fall for my captivating eyes, often they wonder what I am trying to tell them. But in fact it is the other way around, I can tell a lot about a human just by looking into their eyes. I just love hanging out with the smaller version of humans because they share my playfulness.  

What I love the most in my life, beside spending time with mom and dad, is to play with my siblings,

especially out on the open fields where I can run as fast as wish. Another thing I enjoy is to sleep-in during the weekends togehter with my mom.

Even though I am the cutest and kind-heartet, I will hold my ground to let other dogs know I demand respect. If two dogs are about to get into a fight I will get between them and get control of the situation. If I were a human I would probably work as a teacher or as a police officer.