I was a very handsome puppy..... And still am may I add. This is me 8 weeks old playing and exploring a whole new world outside our house.

It is sooo boring waiting for mom to take that one perfect  picture

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Picasso is my name. Thanks for popping in! I am the doctor in the family, caring and loving deeply for my mom and dad, especially so when they  accidently hurt themselves and need some extra love & care. My favourit place is the beach and the woods and this is where I love to spend all the time that I can. Another favourit thing is to go outdoor running canicross with mom and my fantastic siblings.

In my spare time I like to have a good nap but never stand down from keeping the house on guard. I never back down from a good meal and will always accompany dad as second head chef to earn my spot at the table with my family. My top favourite dish  is grilled chicken with rice.

As a human I would be a an exellent doctor or veterinarian so this would be my profession.

Ciceros Blue Diamond Picasso